What are CBD bath bombs?

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All of us go through those days when after a long stressful day the only thing we want is a hot bubble bath. No matter if it is after a long day at work or an intensive workout at the gym, the benefits of a hot and steamy bath are well-known, from the ancient Roman times until to this day. The effects from the scented oils, bath shampoos, and bath bombs are known from all of us, but what if I say that it gets better. Have you ever heard of CBD (cannabinoid – a component of cannabis) bath bombs? Well, with the momentum that cannabis has gained all around the world during 2018 (its decriminalization in many countries) CBD bath bombs could not be left out.

The CBD bath bombs are a product which should be found in our bathroom’s compartment and experience which shall never be missed. For those who have never had the chance to try this life-changing and relaxing experience,  VAPELUX has released its newest CBD bath bomb, TAYLOR MAMMON ENERGISE BATH BOMB, which comes in citrus, orange and lemon blasts, depending on your favorite scents for just £9.99.

What is CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are the newest trend of 2018 and there is a reason why, because of the CBD oil component in them. Differently from a joint which many of us would puff to relax, whether it is on weekend in the company of our friends or after a long day, the CBD bath bombs do not contain the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) component, found in weed, which is responsible for making you high. Therefore, it is their ingredients which make them so special. Covered in CBD and other scented oils, containing aromatic salts and butter will turn your bathing session into a totally new different experience, resulting in smooth skin relaxed muscles and stress relieved mind.

Alleviating Body Pain with CDB Bath Bombs

Sitting for too long on your office, a hard and intensive gym session or a ball game with the guys may leave us with sore muscles and body pain. All these can be overcome through a hot bath with CDB bath bombs.  According to the latest research on CBD oil, it has been proven that it could reduce body pain and sore muscles, and of course, worth mentioning is the anti-inflammatory effect it has on our bodies. The CBD bath bombs benefits are numerous and that’s why it is the newest trend of 2018 and an important component in many beauty products. There is a no better way than experiencing these benefits without inhaling or chewing marijuana products rather than from a relaxed and hot bath at your home, and of course without experiencing next day the side effects of marijuana but instead feeling relaxed, without muscle soreness on your body, stress-free and energized.

CBD Bath Bombs Health Effects

Not to be left aside are the positive effects, which are shown from many studies, that CBD oil has on easing the cancer-related symptoms and side effects from the cancer treatment along with the healing of neurological disorders.  All these make CBD bath bombs a natural remedy for our health and body problems which can be cured with a long and relaxing bath. No matter what your profession is, a CEO, an elite athlete, a corporate clerk or stay at home mom or dad, we can all benefit from a CBD bath bomb at the end of our long, active and stressful days.

Smooth and Acne Free Skin

It does not matter if your skin is prone to acne and easily irritated because studies have shown that CBD oil may help reducing acne in your skin. Whether you want a perfectly clean skin or you have suffered in the past through acne and black spots a hot bath with CBD bath bomb not only will provide the smoothness of your skin after a bathing session but the CBD oil in its content will also help in plummeting the acne from your skin, leaving you with a cleaner and softer skin.

Achieving Mind Relaxation through CBD Bath Bombs

The relaxation effect that a hot bath has on us is well known, however, research has shown that CBD oil can reduce a wide range of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.  There is nothing better than mixing both the relaxing hot bath with the so much loved beneficial properties of marijuana but without feeling high in just one product. The fusion of the most relaxing activity such as bathing and the effects from the CBD oil will make your muscles loosen up and coming out of the bath calm and energized.

CBD Bath Bombs versus Traditional Bath Bombs

 In appearance the CBD Bath Bombs are no different than any other bath bombs; however, the CBD bath bombs s is the fusion of CBD oil with other wellbeing and beauty products such as aromatic salts, relaxing scents and essential oils, which will make us feel relaxed, energized and ready for the thriving day ahead of us.

SPA like Experience at your Home

As the CBD bath bombs melt in hot water the CBD oil, aromatic salts, butter, and essential oils will enter through our skin experiencing a full body submersion and topical application. In addition, the scents of the essential oils, as well as CBD oil mixed with the steam from the hot water, will be inhaled during the relaxing bath session, making it a more relaxing and healing bath you’d ever made. The best part of it all is the benefits it has on our bodies, making us feel more energized, relaxed, healed and turning our bathtub into a home SPA. It has never been easier experiencing an SPA like effect at the coziness of your home