The top 5 vape hardware brands available on the market right now

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top 5 vape hardware brands

There are countless e-cig brands on the market nowadays. 

There are some amazing brands that put their all into designing and developing elite-level vapes that will improve your clients’ life no end, but there are also shady companies who are just out to make a quick buck, with no real thought about the actual user experience.

It can pay dividends to know your way around the market, as there are definitely some banana skins out there. If you were to stock and sell poor goods in your store, we can guarantee you’ll lose custom quicker than you can say vaporiser.

This guide to the top 5 e-cig brands of 2019 will be going over the cream of the vaping crop, whilst letting you know exactly why they’re on the list and what benefits they’ll offer both to you as a business and to your customer.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.




Kicking it off at number 1 are Geekvape.

These guys are a whole lot more than just a quirky name.

They are considered by many to be the best manufacturers of intermediate e-cigs on the market at the moment – and with good reason.

They stock a mind boggling variety of different kits, from multifunction airflow systems all the way to military grade, indestructible builds, they’ve got you covered.

Alongside this, they are one of the only brands on the list that stock rebuildable atomisers such as the Zeus X RTA, meaning that they have got you covered for when you need to guide your clients through their next steps of their vaping journey.

One of the more unique brands on this list, Geekvape is a great option to present to your clients as it gives them the option to take into account their lifestyle as well as just aesthetics and performance.

We know personally, people with rough and ready lifestyles need a vape that can keep up with them. Some vapes can be phenomenal feats of engineering, but are very delicate and can’t be taken anywhere without special provisions.

The Geekvape range changes this with the Aegis line-up and allows you to cater to your customers who are could be sporty, active people or…straight up clumsy (like us!).

They’re not just about toughness though.

Their designs are sleek and the reviews for basically everything on their online store are glowing. If you want to showcase a wide range and give your customers options from one of the greatest vape manufacturers of all time, Geekvape definitely need to be on those shelves!



These guys started out back in 2013 and have been completely changing the manufacturing game ever since. 

They offer a huge range of products covering beginner and intermediate needs alike, giving you tons of options to adorn your shelves with. That, on top of the wide range of more advanced kits in their range is what has set them apart as one of the finest companies to stock in your store.

Their price range is solid too. As a seller, this is always great to hear, but their range really is fantastically priced, with their bestsellers like the Nautilus and Cleito ranges going for as little as £20!

A price like this guarantees that you can bulk buy these for your shop without having to charge your clients an arm and a leg on the markup whilst still bringing them a fantastic, reliable product. 

Prices have steadily increased recently, so you probably should bear this in mind, but they are still very well priced, especially in such a competitive market.




The clue really is in the name with Innokin – these guys have innovation coursing
through their DNA.

Innokin find themselves at the cutting edge of so many of the vaping world’s breakthrough design and technology moments, bringing us things like magnetic connection and reactive temperature control.

The one thing your client will be guaranteed with an Innokin e-cig is a life-enhancing bit of kit. This is because – as they proudly tell us – they work so closely with the vaping community to get feedback on their models and actually go out of their way to create e-cigs specifically designed with customers at its core.

One of their most popular e-cigs is their Endura T18II kit which is the king of beginner vapes. It delivers a rich flavoured vapour, long lasting battery life and is loaded with lots of great safety features for your customer. It also comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an Innokin design, with lots of colourways to suit everyone.

Innokin’s range really is one of the best options for the beginners who step through your doors. The accessible nature of their kits – especially the Endura model mentioned above – is a great way to get novices on their way, as they don’t have to do too much tinkering and can get a feel for the vaping experience as a whole before diving into more complex models.

One of the greatest features of the Innokin range is that a lot are just ‘plug in and go’, meaning that charging is super easy using just a micro USB cable. Alongside the fact that models like the EQs Pod System are compact, super easy to fill up and a simple 1 button usage, makes these guys one of the top performers for customers looking for simplicity on their journey. 

Therefore, Innokin is a brand you should definitely consider stocking to offer to beginners who want the very best from the start.





Speaking of innovation, our next brand has it in spades!

Vaporesso have taken things a step further and got their ownpatented technology, including the Omni board, C Cell and PTF loading system.


If you know that you get clients who are really into their innovation and value the intricacies of their vaping experience then opting to stock Vaporesso products would be a wise idea. They boast one of the quickest firing rate times (0.002s) on the Luxe 220w, the broadest resistance range and a whole host of other fantastic feats of engineering found on models like the recently released Aurora Play.

Those who are looking for that advanced and stylish vape needn’t look elsewhere – and you can be the person they come to.





Last but not least we have SMOK.
Extravagance is what SMOK do best. If you’ve got clients who come to you wanting to stand out from the crowd and make a big impact, you need to be stocking SMOK e-cigs.
In the past (as we all know) their products have been somewhat subpar, but their huge exposure across the globe helped them to stay relevant and near the top of the market.

Now boasting over 80 million customers and a decade of experience, it’s hard to argue with SMOK’s success, even if their range wasn’t the greatest in the past. In the present day though, the quality of their products has improved massively and they are back at the top, being considered as one of the top vaping companies in the world.

Quickly touched on above – SMOK make high-power showstoppers such as the upcoming Morph 219. Their USP is flashy mods that produce huge clouds of vapour. Perfect for those customers looking to impress. Bright skins, loud decals and fluorescent wraps adorn most of their devices, helping them maintain that show-stopping reputation.

They have however, started to venture into the lower power market, bringing out their Nord Pod Kit which has been an almost instant hit with fans. It’s also another feather in the bow of the already expansive SMOK range which is one of the most impressive on the market currently.

From complete beginner kits to professional rigs, they have almost every step of a vaper’s journey covered. This is ideal for those who prefer finding a brand they love and trust, then sticking with it forever. 

They can get familiar with the kit and can keep coming back to you every time they want to take their practice to the next level.

SMOK is back on top!


And that was our last brand folks!

We’ve just taken you through the industry-leading manufacturers on the market right now, explained exactly why they’re on the list and what sort of benefits you and your customer can expect to reap.

If you feel that we’ve missed out anyone from this list then be sure to let us know!

Just be sure to remember that your customer always comes first, so brands that are good for them, are good for business…