The complete guide to helping beginners pick their first vape

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vape guide

The complete guide to helping beginners pick their first vape

So, you’ve got customers coming in to your store all day every day. You’ve got the regulars, the seasoned pros, but you’ve also got a lot of newcomers to the vape world.

They want you to be their guiding light through the slew of options at their disposal. Things can become very complicated very quickly for a beginner and it is your responsibility to set them on the path that’s right for them.

That’s why we’ve put together the most comprehensive beginner’s guide to vaping on the internet.

This article will help you to guide customers through the first steps of their vaping journey and get them on their way as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why start vaping?

This is a question that will always crop up.

We are always seeing in forums, magazines, articles – you name it – and it is no different in your shop. Luckily, if a beginner comes to your store, the likelihood is that they want to be sold to. They just need someone to give them reassurance that what they’re doing is the right thing for them.

It seems like a fairly innocuous question but there are actually a lot of different reasons why people get into vaping. The main ones to inform a customer about are the following;


First and foremost, vaping is an enjoyable experience. People chose to vape primarily because it is a fun activity. As vapers ourselves, we know this, we know how good it feels, so you should have no problem hammering this point home to a potential new vaper.

They can do it with friends, use the pen as a social tool and share good times with those they care about.

Then there is the phenomenal buzz from a top quality vape which can be hard to match. Something that offers such a good feeling with tenfold less side effects than regular smoking can only be a good thing to potential users.


Another valid – and very smart – reason for vaping is because they want to quit standard cigarettes.

Vaping can help to bridge the gap between the two, putting much less strain on vital organs and helping to wean them out of an addiction.

In fact, if you let a cigarette smoking customer leave the store without telling them this, you’ve done them a disservice!

Personal preference

And finally, maybe they just want to do it because of personal preference. Maybe it is the best way to ingest what they want?

Simply ask them a few questions about what they want from their vaping experience and what it is they want to accomplish with their chosen device.

A popular method of vaping for health benefits is using it to take in CBD – one of the health world’sbiggest phenomenons at the minute.

Vaporising CBD oil is the best way to ingest it, making vapes a very popular tool for this purpose. If this is something a customer is looking at then vaping is definitely be for them.

Is vaping bad for you?

Vaping seems to have a negative image that showcases it as harmful to your health, but thatcouldn’t be further from the truth. It can actually be quite healthy when utilised correctly something you’ll be able to guide your customer through after this article.

It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes

When smoking a cigarette, you are exposed to over 7,000 chemicals, most of which are toxic to the body and will lead to an early grave. If someone’s justification for getting into vaping is due to wanting to cut them out, reassure them that they are making the right decision.

Vaping exposes the body to far less carcinogens, as it turns nicotine into water vapour, which is much easier on the body.

With over half of the 3 million vape users in the UK being former traditional smokers, it goes to show that e-cigs are doing an extraordinary job of getting people off cigarettes and onto a healthier alternative in their quest to cut down or even completely cease their smoking habits.

Lack of support for adverse health claims

There is a distinct lack of evidence in the scientific field to back up any claims that vaping is harmful.

In fact, there is research out there conducted by PHE – an independent research group – which has shown that the the disease-causing chemicals that are present in cigarettes are absent in their electronic counterparts.

This was a huge win for the vaping community and has backed up our claims that vaping is not only a healthy alternative to smoking, but a potentially healthy way of relaxing, being better for the body than even just a few alcoholic drinks.

What a beginner needs to know before they start

There are obviously a lot of variables to getting the vape choice perfect first time – something you’llneed to reiterate to your client if they choose to invest heavily in their apparatus.

We know that you’re a professional and you probably know the majority of the following information, but having it written down can be a great source to refer back to and share with colleagues so that you don’t forget any vital points.

You may also pick up a few tips on the way.
Anyway, this is the most important information 
you’ll want to be passing on to a vaping novice.Types of Vape

There are three main types of vape. We have cig-a-likes, which are designed to imitate cigarettes as closely as possible. Then there are ego kits which are a sort of middle ground and then we’ve got replaceable coil kits which are the most expensive but more cost effective over time.

Starting off

When just getting into vaping, cig-a-likes and closed pod systems are going to be your customer’sbest friends. These units are really easy to get a hold of, they’re pretty cheap, easy to maintain and offer a great starting point.

They can also choose between rechargeable or disposable versions depending on their preference for upkeep.

For heavy smokers

If they are a heavy smoker, chances are, they’re going to run down a standard battery on a cig-a-like or closed pod system before the day has even finished.

This is where you’ll likely need to show them a more robust model. Something with a refillable tank will last them much longer thanks to a larger capacity and superior operating mechanism.

Factors to consider

We’ve been through the standard elements to get started, now it’s time to go over the factors that will really have a strong bearing on their final decision.

The following factors are the most important things to take into account when investing in a vape pen, so make sure you take your time explaining each one thoroughly before moving on to the next so that the customer can get a clear handle on them.


Kicking us off is our most obvious point – they will need to decide on a budget.

Knowing their budget straight off the bat allows them to decide what they want, how much their money will get them and whether the investment will be worth it.

If they only want to spend £15, be sure to let them know they will have to accept the fact that although you can supply a decent vape, their options are limited when it comes to features, accessories, etc.


Are they a social smoker or a serious smoker?

The difference can be night and day, and can effect their choice of vape massively. For those who enjoy the social aspect of vaping, it may be best to opt for a smaller, more portable device that delivers a small hit per inhalation.

This is a more economical way of vaping and can stop the vape losing its potency prematurely, meaning they can all carry on for longer.


It’s going to be required for the upkeep of the vape, but how much maintenance are they really willing to do?

Get an honest answer out of them here and you’ll eliminate 90% of buyer’s remorse.

Some people simply don’t have the time to maintain one, however, some people revel in the intricacy and workmanship that goes into the upkeep of their favourite model.

For those who hate doing vape maintenance, tell them to opt for a rechargeable or disposable cig-a- like (or even a standard vape pen), but if they’re happy to regularly change liquids, tanks and coils whilst keeping it clean and in working order, they should opt for a more advanced model.

They will likely have to refill their liquid and change the coil every couple of weeks, so don’t forget to make this crystal clear! The last thing they want is off-tasting vapour.

Now you’ve been armed with all the knowledge you’ll need for setting a beginner on their way to choosing the perfect vape set up.

We’ve gone through all the reasons customers might start vaping, what the benefits are, we’vedispelled common myths and most importantly, we’ve covered the variety of factors that you’ll need to walk your clients through before they take the plunge.

Now all that’s left to do is get out there and start helping beginners to get the most out of their vaping journey.

Good luck!