The Benefits of Vape Expos

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The Benefits of Vape Expos – Why You Should Attend Them

There are expos for everything that people are interested in – books, cars, food, electronics and so on –of course, there are also vape expos. As the demand for e-cigarettes and accessories is constantly increasing, so are the places where people interested in vaping, as well as industry experts, can meet and keep themselves updated about the industry. Year after year, the vape expos have not only increased in size and popularity but now you can find vape expos in many cities. But, what can you expect from vape expos? There are a lot of reasons why you should attend vape expos, no matter if you are a passionate vaper or an industry worker.

Vape expos are one of many ways for achieving your individual and business goals. On an individual level you have the opportunity to enjoy yourself and learn new developments in the industry. You also have the chance to try new flavours and test new vaping devices. In addition, you can also win the newest products during the giveaways that are also part of vape expos. On a business level, you have a great opportunity to target new customers, increase your brand awareness and present new products. Participating in vape expos should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

Connect and Engage

The main benefit of vape expos lays on the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with your customers and/or suppliers. These platforms give you the chance to present your products to prospective customers but also to see their reactions and get live feedback. Conversations and interactions are inevitable in such places; hence you have the chance to expand your contacts. Furthermore, vape expos are visited by different audiences – newcomers, experienced vapers, and industry experts. In a few words, you can find diversity in a small place.

Unlike other marketing methods, vape expos will give you the chance to create an impressive experience with your prospective customers. Your business is not lost among the convoluted marketplace that is the internet. You are there on the frontline, able to interact and engage with your target audience directly. Due to this, vape expos can serve as an efficient platform for long-term brand exposure. You can communicate with your prospective customers and convey your message efficiently, ensuring that the visitors remember your brand. Attending vape expos can provide you with the possibility to deliver a positive presence to hundreds and thousands of potential customers and successfully position your business in the industry.

Vape expos offer many innovative ways to engage with your followers on social media platforms, because they are not just platforms for repetitive sales messages and displaying your brochures. You can also integrate social networks into the experience. Online marketing provides visual communication; therefore, live updates from vape expos offer 360-degree engagement with your audience. You can sustainably communicate your advertising messages to both your followers and visitors and at the same time, you can also ensure that visitors remember your brand.

Generate Leads

As we previously spoke about, in order to increase sales you must generate leads and expand your network. Vape expos can help you to generate leads, but you can generate qualified leads. Most of the people who visit are interested in the vaping industry and in their products. They are a great place where you can meet people who are interested in finding new products and suppliers. They might not be interested in buying right away, but they might do so in the future especially if you have a great follow up strategy. Attending vape expos will provide your potential customers the possibility to engage with you and interact with your brand, which can help you generate qualified leads.

Brand Awareness

Both, new and established companies can benefit equally from taking part in vape expos. Your presence in the expos can increase your visibility, at the same time offering you the opportunity to introduce your new products to the market. Newly established companies can profit more from their increased exposure in vape expos, as they give them the chance to show that they have the capabilities to compete with others. You have the opportunity to show your credibility and professionalism in the business, thus providing you a better position against your competitors.

For many people, face-to-face interaction is an important factor that affects their decisions when choosing to purchase a product. Even if they do not buy any of your products during the expo, they will still memorize your brand when they see it somewhere else. The sudden brand recognition will increase the chances that they are going to buy your product. Therefore, not taking part in vape expos means fewer business opportunities for you.

A Place for Updates and Feedback

Knowing your competition is an important factor in your success. Attending vape expos will give you the chance to analyse your competition and optimize your business. You can learn about the newest developments in the vaping industry and see how to integrate them into your brand. Furthermore, having the opportunity to talk to the industry experts will give you new and important insights and information on how to improve your products and optimize your supply part of the business.

You can find Vapelux Distribution present at most trade shows. We pride ourselves in listening keenly to the pulse of the industry as it evolves with the latest technological leaps in an effort to serve our customers the best we can.


Finally, it can be concluded that vape expos are great platforms to have a great time but also to achieve your business goals. They provide you with the opportunity to get to know your customers better and increase your customer base by bringing your business closer to them. Attending vape expos will help you to build industry expertise, enhance your brand awareness and build vital and beneficial relationships.