WICK LIQUOR BIG BLOCK – DEJA VOODOO ( 50ml | 0mg | Shortfill )

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WICK LIQUOR BIG BLOCK – DEJA VOODOO ( 50ml | 0mg | Shortfill )

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Wick Liquor presents the formidable Big Block.
50ml of 0MG boutique e liquid, presented in giant unicorn style bottles. All the historic value of the four killer Wick Liquor flavours, now in a bigger and more flexible volume.
Never underestimate the power of the Big Block. Just learn to use it to create a longer-lasting Liquor supply.
Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane.

An unbelievable blend from the Wick Liquor brand, this one our absolute favourite! Simply put, it’s awesome in a bottle! Imagine walking barefoot through luscious greenery with a stick of sugar cane in one hand and a coconut in the other. Well, if you could pair that picture with a taste, it would come in the form of the Wick Liquor – Deja Voodoo. It’s all in the name – it makes you feel like you’re experiencing something magical you thought could never be repeated for the second time, every time. That’s right – Deja Voodoo!

If you’ve been dreaming of that idyllic island lifestyle, then this e-juice will be your temporary release from the concrete jungle. It’ll briefly take you away to another place every time you take a drag and puff out a cloud of delirious delight.

Presented in a sizable 150ml short fill bottle, you’ll be vaping for longer. It’s great for mixing as well, as the flavour is well balanced and wholesome. Get yourself a bottle and ride into the dreamy distance on a cloud of Wick Liquor’s – Deja Voodoo.

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Coconut, Sugar cane

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