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The Voopoo Panda Pod e cig is one of the cutest vapes in our store, and these replacement Pods will give your Panda device a new lease of life. Two variations are available: a 1.2 Ohm Pod designed for vaping regular and nic salts e juice at low power, and a 0.8 Ohm Pod that gives a livelier 12 Watt vape.

Both cartridges come with all the benefits of a convenient Pod vape. For Panda e cig vapers, those benefits include a simple, drop-in Pod connector which, is discreetly hidden under a magnetic Pod bay cover. Like many Pods, these 1.2 Ohm and 0.8 Ohm cartridges are easy to fill via a removable stopper in the base. The ultra-clean, leak-free design means that you can easily carry spare Pods with you for replacement on the move.

Choose your preferred Voopoo Panda Pod resistance when you place your order. Panda Pods are supplied empty, ready for filling with your own e juice. Please allow the e juice to soak for 10 minutes before vaping with a newly fitted Pod.


1 x Voopoo Panda Pod – 1.2 Ohms or 0.8 Ohms

Voopoo Panda Pod Features:

Panda refillable Pod with internal 1.2 or 0.8 Ohm coil

Easy, drop-in Pod fitting Rating: 1.2 Ohm Pod (8 Watts), 0.8 Ohm Pod (12 Watts)

Both Pod resistances compatible with regular e juice 1.2 Ohm Pod optimised for nic salt e juice

Leak-free design – Pods can be carried with you

Good flavour with satisfying cloud & throat hit 100% Genuine Voopoo Panda Pod

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0.8ohm, 1.2ohm


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