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The Vladdin Salt Nix Multi Pack pods provide you with what the name suggests, nicotine salts, minus the harshness associated with many nicotine e-liquids.

These pods are awesome for vapers new to the game, looking to kick the smoking habit, while getting a sufficient nicotine fix. In fact, they have been proven to aid in smoking cessation in the most effective way based on accounts from multiple vapers.

Flavours that deserve the limelight

Salt Nix Northern Tobacco

The Northern tobacco e-juice has the essence of blonde Canadian tobacco, in the absence of the other flavours present in the majority of most tobacco e-liquids, which usually cloud the full flavour of the tobacco. This flavour is exquisitely aromatic and stands as a well satisfying all day experience.


Vanilla, custard and tobacco is all you need! Once you try it, you can’t help but keep buying it. This sophisticated and flavourful e-juice has a sweet vanilla custard taste that sits perfectly on the front of the tongue. Upon vaping, you’ll experience a fine tobacco taste and a very subtle yet enticing toasted almond touch. This is perfect for heavy smokers making the complete move to vaping.

Tobacco Ice

One of the most famous tobacco blends is rich Virginia. This Vladdin Salt Nix Pack includes tobacco ice, which is a full-bodied Virginia tobacco with subtle notes of caramel and aromatic vanilla. The cool finish and perfect balance of flavours makes this pod perfect for dealing with cravings. It’s a classy vape experience!

Mint Tobacco

This pod has the sweet taste of roasted nuts eloquently blended with a smooth tobacco taste, while being surrounded by fresh menthol. This pod is perfect for the avid vaper as well as the smoker sparking the taste buds with a richness in flavour that leaves your breath minty fresh.

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Ice Tobacco, Mint Tobacco, Nothern Tobacco, VCT Tobacco


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