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Ignite Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Offering a simple and extremely accessible method of CBD consumption, Ignite’s Disposable Vape Pen provides absolute convenience. No filling, no fuss, just inhale. The sensational quality of the device paired with the exceptional potency of CBD combine to make a truly special product tailored to any CBD user.

Each distinct blend offers different terpene profiles to offer various benefits to the user.

Calm | Pink Chill | Mango

Revel in the ultimate relaxation provided by Ignite’s Calm Blend. Waves of euphoric bliss overwhelm the senses with a sensation of pure unadulterated calmness. Ignite’s Calm formulation embodies the very nature of relaxation, providing a feeling of zen and tranquility throughout the entire body. Let Calm take hold and rejuvenate your mind in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Lucid | Blood Orange | Apple Berry

Experience intense clarity and sharpen your senses with Ignite’s Lucid Blend. Discover true coherence and enter a state of mental transparency that will widen your views and leave your thoughts crystal clear. Lucid engulfs the mind with a sense of veracious tenacity that encapsulates a feeling of self-empowerment required to seize the day.

Recharge | Tropical Fruit | Watermelon

Embrace instant gratification with the full-bodied revitalisation provided by Ignite’s Recharge Blend. Combat the everyday exhaustion with an invigorating boost of CBD and enlivening terpenes and bring your mind and body back to their greatest potential. Recharge provides an unparalleled spur of vigour with exceptional results. Ignite your life with Recharge.


~ Winner of “Best CBD Vape Pen” at High Times Cannabis Cup! ~


Ignite CBD

Striving to provide the highest quality CBD available, Ignite have proven themselves to be one of the best cannabis related brands on the market. Through partnering with the finest growers, cultivators and manufacturers, they supply consumers with premium, industry-leading products of the highest standard. As effective as they are pure, Ignite’s CBD products are natural, consistent and of superior quality. If it’s not the absolute best, it’s not Ignite.

Here are Vapelux Distribution we are proud to be one of the few companies offering UK Wholesale of Ignite CBD products. Discover their outstanding range and unmatched quality of e-liquids, vape pens, tinctures, and cosmetics today!

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CALM | Mango, CALM | Pink Chill, LUCID | Apple Berry, LUCID | Blood Orange, RECHARGE | Tropical Fruit, RECHARGE | Watermelon


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