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Similar to Janus’ flagship tincture, these CBD capsules are packed with premium organic full-spectrum European grown CBD oil. The capsules are reinforced by a secure band that preserves the premium ingredients and prevents spillage and oxidization.

For best results, it is important to be consistent with the time and quantity of consumption. It is also important to store your CBD capsules in a cool and dry environment.

Janus’ soft gel capsules are perfect for easy, everyday use, and come packed with powerful properties including unique, organic, full-spectrum, certified industrial European grown hemp!

What does it do?

  • Supports a sense of calm
  • Manages signs of common daily stress
  • Enhances exercise recovery
  • Complements an everyday wellness routine

What’s in it?

  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • GMO & Gluten Free
  • Completely Vegan-Friendly
  • Less than 0.02% THC

Directions for use
10MG capsules should be swallowed whole on an empty stomach. Recommended usage is 1-2 capsules per day as a dietary supplement. Maintain consistency with your doses to successfully see results. Please consult your doctor about potential interactions or other complications before using this product. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to heat or sunlight.

Pack Contents: 30 x 10mg CBD Capsules

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil (80%), Omega 3 (1.25g), Omega 6 (4g), Vitamin E (8mg), Phytocannabinoids, Cannabidiol (300mg), Minor Traces of Naturally Occuring Cannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN)

Terpenes: Mycrene, Limonese, Alpha & Beta-Pinene, Linalool, B-Caryophyllene Oxide, Terpinolene, Humulene

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