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You all love the breeze 2 and so why not stock up on pods to keep more juice on you ready to vape during the day.
Inside each spare pod is a 0.6ohm breeze coil, pre-installed and ready to use.The perfect accessory for any breeze 2 owner.

Who doesn’t love the Aspire Breeze 2? Well the Aspire Breeze 2 AIO replacement POD’s will have you loving this brand even more!

Aspire released the Breeze 2 AIO Replacement POD’s for the sole purpose of your convenience. We recommend stocking up on them so that you never run out of e-juice and have them on you so you’re ready to vape when you run out.

The Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Replacement POD has a bottom fill system feature. The fill system is equipped with a convenient rubber blocker to make sure that it never leaks.

This slick and convenient replacement POD is kitted with a pre-installed 0.6 Ohm Aspire Breeze coil. Like with the Aspire Spryte AIO Replacement POD, the Breeze 2 pods also allow for adjustable airflow, bringing your vaping experience back to your preference. This is another Aspire product that is best paired with free-based nicotine e-juice.

With a pre-installed coil that’s ready to use, the Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Replacement POD is perfect for beginner or novice all the way to experienced vapers.

The POD is slick, light, convenient and with a 2ml filling capacity it is perfect for those days when you’re ploughing through your e-juice and need a quick refill, by simply replacing your pod – we highly recommend it!

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