Patch Adam CBD gummies

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The late, great comedian Mitch Hedberg once had a joke about candy-coloured Baby Aspirin, noting that the bottle states you should not exceed two a day. Then why, he pondered, would they make them so delicious?  The same can be said of CBD gummies, however while it’s not ideal to overindulge, you can certainly go over two per day.

It may shock you to know that not everyone loves the taste of CBD oil.  It has a very distinctive, earthy taste – like marijuana – and the strong, pungent taste has turned some off.  If you’ve ever been to a party during which you were offered a “brownie”, you may also have learned that edibles have a faster, stronger delivery system than smoking.  It’s what makes the Cartoon Network and trips to the planetarium that much more fascinating.  This is why, since it’s legality, producers have found creative ways to mask the flavour.  Vaping oils come in any variety of e-liquid.  And, just like those brownies, CBD gummies hit the market.  Candy and cannabis go together like two birds who are staring at me right now and I’m pretty sure one of them is a narc.

Of course, we’re being facetious.  As we’ve discussed, the differences between CBD and THC are quite vast.  CBD doesn’t get you high, but it does serve to relax, relieve stress, anxiety and has even been linked to fighting skin cancer.  The taste, however, is most certainly acquired.  Tinctures are popular, as the delivery system is fast, but most prefer not to take the drops straight.  Rather, they are mixed with food or smoothies.  And gummies serve their own purpose, a more pleasant taste while still allowing the user to reap the same medicinal benefits.

Gummies have become popular as a daily supplement, much like the gummie version of a One-a-Day multivitamin.  They’re still medicinal, but they taste great.  And like any other gummie, they come in adorable, teddy bear-shaped candies, with both regular or sweet and sour flavours.  The appeal to children who may need CBD to treat epilepsy – which the extract has been proven to help combat, especially in the young – is obvious.  For adults, the gummies offer a glimpse into nostalgia.  Besides, who doesn’t love candy?

Gummies consist primarily of the same ingredients found in a regular candy such as glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, dextrose and food colouring with the additional milligram-sized dose of CBD. 

CBD gummies from reputable vendors are guaranteed to be organic (unless otherwise stated), rendering the candy a fun and chemical-free way to enjoy the extract. 

Like any CBD product, it’s medicinal benefits are vast and potentially unknown.  Medical science has yet to discover just how CBD can interact with various parts of the human anatomy.  Some users have sworn off over-the-counter pain medications altogether, opting for what they claim is a more natural and effective delivery system.

The hemp plant has been used to treat pain since the days of early Mesopotamia, when most wounds were rock and spear-related.  In recent years, however, CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory qualities.  Gummies, usually one or two a day, are often used by those with chronic pain.  A 2015 study compared the effects of morphine on pain versus CBD.  It revealed that the results were the same.  What’s more, there’s no evidence of addiction related to CBD.  It won’t turn you into a gummy bear-popping Dr. House.

            There’s a reason television is flooded with commercials boasting about the high tech, ultra-sonic, hypersensitive, A.I.-sentient mattress for sale.  Lack of sleep is one of the most common ailments facing the average citizen. CDB has also been proven to improve the length and quality of sleep better than pills, which often cause the user to sleep but still awake groggy and unrested.  Insomnia can a nightmare, with people trying everything to combat it.  Nyquil – sure, if you want to turn into a zombie.  Melatonin – sure, it’s natural, which is more ideal than introducing some new chemical into your system.  But it’s efficacy is questionable.  Even just getting into a routine that can create exhaustion isn’t enough for some.  So many have turned to CBD, which has had a positive reaction as a natural sleep aid.   

Vapelux, always at the forefront of vaping, e-liquid and CBD technology, offers several special brands of gummies, but the Patch Adam is certainly one of the highlights. One bottle contains 25 multi-coloured gummies, each with it’s own distinctive flavour.  Like all CBD and e-liquid products, one can easily adjust the strength of the product, ranging from 10 to 20 mg.   

Of all the ways CBD can be introduced into the system, few are more appealing that in gummie form.  It’s like the first time you discover sugar as a child, only instead of hyperactivity, you achieve a desired mellow feeling using candy.  There are adult versions of just about everything for children; spiked-fruit punch, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, actual cars and trucks instead of Big Wheels.  Gummies are no different, only your child or dog can also safely consume the product.

So if you’re looking, peruse our collection of CDB edibles, gummies included, and decide which may be right for you.  As usual, it’s important to discuss any medicinal changes with your doctor.  And though side effects are rare, nausea can occur if one overuses the product.  Always use in moderation.