Networking | Making Links in the Vape Industry

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With the increasing demand for e-cigarettes and accessories, the possibility of professional interaction with industry experts and customers is also increasing. Networking is becoming more important. The establishment and maintenance of business contacts is a success factor that should not be missed by any vape shop owner. It can be said that networking should be part of every vape shop owner’s marketing plan as it is an inexpensive and effective way to grow their company. A functioning network of interpersonal contacts is crucial for business success. Good networking gives you new ideas and opportunities, new potential customers, visibility and sustainable business growth.

New Opportunities

The largest benefit about networking is meeting like-minded people with the same goals. Networking with such people will open routes to new opportunities in the future. This will mean new business sales strategies and cooperation for your vape shop. United by common interests, any obstacle within your business, or the implementation in an innovative idea, is easier achieved when you get together. Besides, new initiatives often emerge when people share opinions with other people from the same industry. These opportunities will help you achieve your business goals.

New Customers

Business networks are great for generating potential prospects and customers. Every networking event gives you an opportunity to reach and expand your customer base. You will be able to meet a lot of potential customers in every networking event that you are participating in. In every contact made stands a new possible client.  As vaping is an ever-increasing industry, by networking you will be able to reach the increasing number of new vapers who are willing to start their vaping journey.

Knowledge sharing and staying current

As we previously discussed, vaping is an innovative business. New devices and e-liquid flavours are hitting the market all the time. In an ever evolving market it is important to keep up with the customers’ changing demands as well as the new developments in the industry. Knowing the market is the key to reach your business goals and increase your profits. Therefore, the most important factor in getting ahead is keeping up to date with the new trends. The bigger and more diversified your network is, the higher the chances are of you being able to keep up with the trends. Increasing the size of your network will also increase the variety of products you can source and will allow you to find the most competitive prices on the market. 


The big plus in networking is that every new contact you make brings its own network, leading to new people who you can rely on. Attending vape related networking events will not only increase your personal profile, but it will also increase your vape shop’s visibility. After all, you are representing your company.

Nowadays, business networks are an integral part of entrepreneurship. Having many contacts is an important factor for increasing your sales. But how do you find them, and, above all, how do you manage to gain qualified contacts? You can combine both your offline and online activities and channels in order to constantly expand your network.

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Vaping Conventions and Expos

Theme-specific networking meetings such as vape conventions and expos can provide you with promising opportunities to get in touch with representatives from the vaping industry. These events are the best venues to exploit your business to business opportunities. They also serve as a great medium where you can present your company and vaping products.

Vaping conventions and expos are aimed at people who love vaping or who would like to learn more about it. Trade visitors and (potential) customers can expect a variety of e-cigarettes, flavours and accessories to be present. This will allow you to meet potential business partners and customers in a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, you will be able to present your company and products to a huge mass of people; and nothing is more real, authentic and profitable than the direct face-to-face conversation.

Social Media

While networking you should not neglect the power of social media. With social media, you can start networking even before participating in an event. Besides, platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be great tools to connect with the other people in the vaping industry, while at the same time increase your business and brand visibility. 

Topics of discussion

Networking, using both offline activities and online channels, is an important factor in keeping you updated. Through networking you can get relevant information on the current business trends as well as the ongoing challenges in the vape industry. You can discuss a wide range of topics  such as the ways to increase your shop’s footfall, the newest flavours and accessories available in the market, and how to optimize your supply channels. For example, you can build ties with us at Vapelux Distribution. We pride ourselves in listening keenly to the pulse of the industry as it evolves with the latest technological leaps in an effort to serve our customers the best we can. Keep an eye out for us at the various trade shows throughout the year!


In conclusion, networking has always been present and people have always been building and expanding their network. While the ways of business networking may have changed, its importance cannot be denied. As the vaping business climate continues to change, making connections, sharing information and having a strong online presence is very important in delivering excellent customer service, adapt to your customers’ demands and increase your customer base and profits. The advantages of these connections should not be underestimated, because they are an integral part of sustainable business growth.