How to market a vaping shop

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Over the years, there has been an increase in the vaping industry, therefore, making vaping the newest trend, and no one can deny it. We have all witnessed people opting for vaping instead of lighting an old fashion cigarette. Is it because of convenience or the cool and hip effect, we cannot be sure of that, however, we are sure that vaping is here to stay.

The difficulties the vaping industry is facing vary, from the regulations on banning smoking in closed and/or public areas (depending from the countries) to the marketing ban especially on online platforms and social medias such as Google and Facebook. However, these bans and difficulties should not deter you from successfully marketing your vaping shop and generating new customers and sales and seeing your profits increase.

 Before going into market strategies in successfully marketing a vaping shop it would be better to see the data on vaping market research and studies in order to come up with an efficient and winning strategy.

According to the latest market research by Vaping Mentors, Market Trends in the Vape Space, The Business of Vaping, the vaping distribution through generations goes as follows : Millennials with 60% Generation X and Baby boomers with, 30% and 10% respectively. Furthermore, the main reasons for vaping for each generation can be generalised in being cool, fun and hip among Millennials, in order to avoid the second hand smoke for Generation X and the Baby Boomers vape as an alternative in order to quit smoking. Based on this insight, you can deliver a successful strategy in seeing your sales boost. The three main marketing channels used to boom your vaping shop are: Social Media, Online Presence and Customer Loyalty Relationship Management and Loyalty.

Social Media

Social media platforms have banned the advertisement of vaping products on their platforms such as Facebook Ads, but that cannot deter you from exploiting the advantages of social media for your vaping shop. Instead of Facebook Ads a vaping shop owner can open a Facebook Page for the shop, which is legal, and advertise and announce the latest news related to the vape shop. Facebook remains a powerful marketing tool and its usage can get you through the millennials, who are leading the market in this industry.

Another platform in aiming to reach the potential customers is Youtube. It is a great platform in promoting a vaping shop and the related products through your Youtube channel or through product review videos. Another form of advertisement in this channel of communication is the cooperation with the popular video bloggers to act as brand ambassadors.

Reddit and Quora are amazing sources where we can get in touch with the vaping community or even prospective customers. A vaping shop owner can contribute and reach different generations and future clients. They can reach different generations through topics on quitting smoking, second hand smoke as well as the fun with vaping. These platforms are a great opportunity to get in contact with different target groups which in turn will result in an increase in sales and help you to stand out from your competitors. 

Online Presence: SEO/ Website

The vaping shop Facebook Page will need a landing page therefore why not build a website for your shop. After the website creation it is time for some Search Engine Optimization which will help you to increase traffic and visibility through the content and key words such as vaping, e-liquid, e-cigarettes and so on. Hiring a SEO optimizer is worth it in promoting your business, boosting engagement, beating the competition and not getting lost in the vast world wide web.     

Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty

Gaining the customers trust and hooking them to your business as well making them feel appreciated and winning their loyalty is a very important factor in the performance of any business and vaping industry is no different. There are three main ways how you can win their trust and increase customers loyalty. First, different games which result in giveaways and different small gifts for your customers, is going to increase your customers engagement as well as your webpage ranking. In addition, it will also increase customer satisfaction which is quite important for the success of your business. But it doesn’t stop here. Why not to reward your loyal customers with a loyalty card? It can be like any other loyalty card based on points through in-store or online purchases. The loyalty card delivered to your customers (either an old school loyalty card or through an app) is not only making them feel more valuable but also rewarded for their loyalty. It is going to feel the customers appreciated but it will also increase their purchases.  Furthermore, the data collected from them when applying for a loyalty card such as email addresses or facebook accounts are an amazing source in executing a personalised email marketing campaign based on your target groups than from a generic fit in all campaign (which usually ends up in their spam).  Finally, store parties are also a great way in promoting your vaping shop. After all, who doesn’t love parties? A party in your store goes both ways: satisfying and appreciating your clients but also promoting your shop and reaching new clients. It is not going to provide you with a loyal customer base but the party is going to turn some heads too. People will see the party and would like to be there celebrating with you therefore increasing visibility and attracting more customers.

It doesn’t matter if the legislation is banning any form of advertisement for your vaping shop there are still ways how you can stand out from the pack. With a bold and solid marketing plan you can beat competition and get closer to your customers. Consider your customers and bend your strategy according to their needs and demands and you are going to see your vaping shop thriving in no time.