How to guide a vaping novice on their next steps

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vaping guide

Vaping Guide – How to guide a vaping novice on their next steps. In our last instalment of the vaping guide series, we went through how you can start a novice vaper off on their journey. But what happens when that novice gets more experience, hones their tastes and wants something more?

They are ready to progress.

It is then your responsibility to be their guiding light. You will have dozens of customers every week who are at this stage of their journey.

They’ll need advice, they’ll need someone to bounce ideas off, and of course, they’ll need someone to buy equipment off! You can be there to help with all of these, but it pays to know what you’re talking about.

Of course we know you are clued up on the intricacies of vaping, but it can’t hurt to have a guide laid out for you to come back to time and time again can it? Think of this as the user manual for guiding a client from novice to intermediate level. Show it to new employees, show it to friends to discuss and show it to yourself from time to time to keep it fresh in the memory.

Why upgrade?

To start off, you’ll have to help your client to identify their ‘why’. Why are they upgrading? Your first step will be to make sure they’re not just upgrading for the sake of it or because they think they have to – even if they’re happy with their current vape.

This way, you can help avoid buyer’s remorse and give yourself a huge boost in credibility. Over time, this will aid in creating a trustworthy reputation amongst the community, which is a phenomenal way of advertising in and of itself.

Once you’ve established that they’re not just upgrading their vape for the hell of it, it’s time to pinpoint their real ‘why’ – what they want to get out of it.

Do they want a more advanced battery such as the upcoming SMOK Morph 219 Kit? Maybe they want something more reliable long term and less disposable like Geekvape’s Aegis Solo? Or perhaps they want more control over their MTL experience by purchasing something with an adjustable airflow system such as the Zelos 2 Kit by Aspire.

There are so many factors that can spur a beginner on to make the jump to an intermediate level vape, you just need to pry a little bit until you can get it out of them.

A lot of the time, they don’t know themselves, but once you ask all the right questions, you’ll be able to help them identify that all important ‘why’.

The benefits for the client

As you well know, there are going to be an innumerable amount of benefits on offer to the novice when they take their next step on their vaping journey.

But it is your job to make them aware of the biggest and most applicable ones.

You can do this using your customer’s ‘whys’ and gauge which benefits are going to hit home most for them.

Things such as increased wattage, reliability and a change of inhalation process are fantastic benefits that will sway a lot of users, but a client may just be interested in switching from a basic e-cig to a vaporiser for their CBD oil.

In this case, you’ll want to explain how vaping CBD is the most effective and cleanest way of getting it into your system. What you don’t want to do is explain the intricacies of an upgraded e-cig to them.

Basically, tailor the benefits to them.

If you’re following that, it should be clear that you have to take the initiative with your customer. We know you’re already a vaping expert, so taking the lead shouldn’t be difficult in the slightest!

Factors to consider

Okay, so you’ve consulted with your customer on their ‘whys’, you’ve then gone through what benefits apply to them – now it’s time to choose the perfect vape.

There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to picking the perfect piece though – it definitely isn’t a one size fits all job.

These are vitally important for ensuring a satisfied customer, so make sure that you’re taking your time to think over each point, don’t rush through to the end.

If you take them all in, you’ll have a happy client every single time.


Age may be a factor when your client is picking their perfect upgrade. It also may not, but it is key to exercise tact when approaching the subject.

Some older clientele might want a more refined, sophisticated vape such as the Lost Vape Orion and have no interest in new and flashy tech advancements. Younger vapers might want all the trimmings in an attempt to make a statement to their peers.

Each to their own.

Ask your customer questions based on general assumptions, but try not to be too upfront. If you think they may be a little less interested in aesthetics due to their older age, just show them some practical models such as the Endura T18II that performs well and gauge their reaction. 

The opposite goes for a younger customer.

From then you can tweak your suggestions based on their feedback.

That way, no one is offended, but they get to experience a more tailored consultation that will have them leave feeling much more satisfied, even if they don’t make the purchase right away.


A big one for beginners taking the next step is the addition of a tank or full kit to their arsenal. This is when they can be posed with the question of mouth to lung or direct to lung tanks.

What’s the difference?

You’ll have to explain to them that a mouth to lung tank like the Zenith D22 offers a more traditional cigarette feel. The draw is more restricted, doesn’t require quite as much power and produces much less vapour.

This all means that higher concentration nicotine oils can be used which is great for a nice buzz from little wattage.

A direct to lung tank such as the Falcon King is pretty much the polar opposite. The draw is far more free, creating much larger vapour output and a more targeted sensation in the throat.

Lower concentrations of nicotine are best used here.

A direct to lung could be perfect for your client if they like to share their vape in social situations. The big clouds of vapour, lower doses and ease of draw create an almost shisha-like experience which is great for relaxing in groups.


The wattage of your vape is vital to the battery power output for the day. If your customer is looking to get a tank which contains coils with a watt range up to 60 for instance, you’d want a wattage capacity of 60 at least – preferably much higher.

If the customer is going to be vaping all day, wattage and sustained power output will be near the top of their priority list, so we recommend steering them towards a higher end product like Vaporesso’s Luxe 220W Kit but if they are only a casual user who only really smokes in social situations, this can be overlooked somewhat if it is lacking in their favourite model.


Okay, so your client wants to take the step up to a more advanced system, what sort of battery are they going to be after?

Will it be an internal or external one?

The benefit of an internal battery is that they are simple and look slightly more refined to some people. Unfortunately though, the performance of an internal battery declines after 6-12 months and cannot be replaced, meaning they’ll be stuck with subpar performance or have to buy a new model in a year or less.

An external battery on the other hand, is able to be removed and replaced once performance and hold dips. They’ll have to buy more batteries to start out but it will save them money in the long run as the vape will last a whole lot longer.

Based on the above, we’d probably recommend sticking your client on an external battery. Internal battery kits like the iPower from Eleaf are great for beginners but for a more advanced vaper, you’re going to want to offer them longevity.

So, all of that was probably a lot to take in but it is vitally important that you take your client through this full process.

First, you’ll want to identify their ‘why’, why are they making this move?  Then you can walk them through what benefits are on offer to them if they take the plunge.

Once you’ve done these two, it’s time to take them through the full process of identifying their deciding factors. These will dictate what model they go for and this is actually of more importance than their beginning e-cig due to the fact this stage will last far longer.


Hopefully you’ve been fully prepared thanks to our guide. If you have, and you think your peers can benefit from it, give it a share – you never know how many people you could be helping.