How to create a CBD e-liquid brand?

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CBD e-liquid Brand

The vaping business with all its regulations and many different manufacturers as well as plenty of small shops around the corners in every city is a very competitive market and hence requires you to stand out from the others out there. Like in any other business industry, even in CBD e-liquid one, branding is an essential component for your business success. The CBD e-liquids and their benefits are being acknowledged even more from the general public. Therefore, successful branding will make your business thrive and increase the visibility of your products. With that in mind, branding is an ongoing process which will create long-lasting and fruitful relationships with your customers.


As with any other product even with the CBD e-liquid ones, there are two main components when it comes to creating a successful brand. A great product followed by a reliable brand. We will go through each of these components in detail.

What is your product?

Before thinking of creating a CBD e-liquid brand, you should have a product first.

We all have seen different CBD e-liquids in the market. However, the question which requires a more detailed answer on how is your product better than the others. Being genuine in the vaping market by introducing new flavours, different and smart packaging, will not only give you an advantage in the industry but it will make you differentiate from your competition. The qualities and the benefits of your CBD e-liquid are an essential factor in giving you a market niche and persuading your customer to purchase your product over the competitors. After all, this is what will make your brand superior and different in a highly competitive market as the vaping one.

The initial process in this early stage of your business is partnering with companies which provide superior products and have the technology and the know-how. A partnership with a CBD e-liquid manufacturer like Taylor Mammon will enable you to come up with the right flavours, PG and VG blends concentration and so forth, resulting in a perfect CBD e-liquid brand which will make you stand out from the competition. TAYLOR MAMMON’s unique blend of PG and VG offers a rare thoroughly infused vape liquid with a 50/50 split. They can provide bespoke infusions of CBD at any concentration with or without a flavour of choice. This is perfect for anyone who wants a specific flavour of choice, or a particular formulation.

After successfully passing the phase of product development and creation comes the branding process of this outstanding product. The product itself is not enough in beating the competition. To create a CBD e-liquid brand, there are some aspects which you will have to reinforce to build your own brands such as your current customers and the prospective ones, the quality of your product and the design.

What is your target market?

The customers are the backbone of a business, and so is the case with the CBD e-liquids. Knowing your customers will not only help you in coming up with a great product which in turn will result in a competitive advantage, but it will also help you convey your message better. When building a CBD e-liquid brand, you should have your customers, both the current and the prospective ones, in mind because it will help you in marketing your product better and it will also result in an increase in revenues and customer base.

Your CBD e-liquid brand should be produced based on your customers’ demands and needs.  There are three main segments of people who vape hence a narrowing down of your target group is needed. Therefore, having your customers in mind will enable you to come with a great product and a successful marketing strategy. The end result of branding is the relationship that the customers will develop with your CBD e-liquid.

Qualities of your CBD e-liquid Brand

Different CBD e-liquid brands in the market might be even more significant in size and sales; however, this should not deter you from creating your unique brand and being successful. In contrary, different from the big companies out there which are too big and try to serve all the customers, you can gain your market niche by being more flexible and providing what the customers really want. Therefore, your CBD e-liquid brand should represent all the superior qualities it posses compared to your competitors and there is a need to clearly and precisely express it through your brand. In such a way, you provide alternatives for the customers picking your brand over that of your competitors.

Designing your CBD e-liquid Brand

Both the quality of your CBD e-liquid and its visuals are equally important when creating your brand. Marketing and advertising your CBD e-liquid brand is quite, and hence it needs a good design and logo. Based on your idea you have related to your CBD e-liquid brand, hiring a designer in this phase is the right thing to do in case you lack these skills, to help you with the right logo, tagline and colours. The logo and the colours will help you to convey the message better, and they will also add value and personality to your product as well as increase its sales and customers’ relationship with your CBD e-liquid brand.

The Bottom Line

Branding is as important as the product itself, and it is an ongoing process which cannot be done in a day and does not have a fixed timeframe. It is something which you have to work on and keep in mind when creating your own CBD e-liquid brand. A short branding process of your CBD e-liquid will help in the success of your brand which will be translated into more happy customers, more sales, therefore, higher profits and success.  Stay true to your CBD e-liquid quality but also being open to innovation will help you in creating an unbeatable brand and give you a market advantage.