How to advertise your vape shop on social media

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Nobody can deny the increasing role and share that social media platforms have on every businesses marketing plan. With the increased use of smart phones and the high number of people being active in these platforms, it is undisputablly a great medium to advertise your business. However, with the new laws regulating tobacco and vaping products in force, Tobacco Products Directive, the majority of social media platforms have banned advertising of vaping products on their platforms. For example, Facebook has prohibited vape related Facebook Ads.

Nonetheless, these restrictions should not deter your vape company from successfully using your social media platforms to generate clicks, leds, likes and increase your brand exposure as well as a bigger customer base. Social media marketing can also reflect how successful your vape business is. Nowadays, people tend to judge businesses by their social media presence and popularity. Studies have shown that a huge percentage of customers will visit a local shop if it has a social media presence.

One vape shop owner may argue that focusing your efforts on providing great products and customer service is more important than posting on social media. However, there is a huge difference between having a social media presence, and effectively using it to generate engagement and sales. Therefore, you must not leave the social media area unexploited. Making regular posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not only create a positive image of your business but it will also show that your business is active. For example, Vapelux is making amazing social media posts on all these three platforms. Besides, social media platforms provide an effective and affordable way of boosting your online presence and increasing your brand image. Finally, a large number of followers on social media, along with the likes and shares you get, directly boost your rank on search engines like Google. In order for you to make successful social media posts and engaging your followers, we are going to share some tips with you.


Facebook was a great platform to advertise your vaping shop before the banning of advertising of vape products on Facebook Ads. However, it still remains a great platform where you can share information about your company, products and notify your followers about discounts.

It is often recommended that a business should be active on social media in general, and on Facebook in particular. However, you should not post just because you have heard that you need to post all the time. The social media activities and content should be planed beforehand. Things you can post include offers, sales, new products, photos from your business, sale codes and so on. However, as the name implies social media is to show to your followers, and to prospective customers, your social side of the business. It is recommended to share photos and videos of your staff or from the social events and parties that your business has organized. By sharing these kinds of photos and content, you will provide a better picture of your business and who you are. This is a great way to show the humane side of your company as it allows you to relate your business to the people behind the scenes, and not just the products you sell. As a result, people will feel more connected to your business and your brand.


Instagram makes a great advertising platform when it comes to advertising your vape shop, because each post of photos and videos you make can be accompanied by hashtags. Furthermore, it enables a positive exposure of your brand by incorporating your logo on your posts making it a great way of keeping your business social. You should not forget that when posting on Instagram you should include popular and appropriate hashtags because it will help Instagram users to find you.


Many companies, including vape companies, are not quite successful at Twitter marketing. Marketing specialists argue that twitter is the best social media platform for giveaways, because it is a great way of increasing your followers  by also getting many likes and retweets. While the TPD and FDA have banned promoting giveaways in these platforms there are other strategies you can apply instead, such as coupon codes. But how does it work? When executing a special offers campaign you can post a tweet asking Twitter users to follow and retweet in order to be part of competition. Again, using relevant hashtags is very important when posting on twitter. A successful twitter campaign contributes not only to your social media score but also to your ranking in Google.


Pinterest is also a good social platform which is usually neglected. The reason is that many vaping companies consider Pinterest as a platform which lacks engagement with their customers and hence they are not present on this platform. However, Pinterest directly contributes to your SEO campaigns because as we all know this is a Google owned social media platform. If you know how to exploit this social media platform you will see how your Pinterest posts are going to be ranked higher than your vaping shop website.     

There is a wide array of social media platforms that your vape company can exploit to increase your online presence and reach a target group accordingly. The beauty of social media marketing is that it allows you to target specific userbases depending on the platform, ensuring you do not leave any customer group left out. By effectively using these platforms you can tailor your campaigns depending on the audience you aim to reach.