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A vaper is a person who uses vaping devices recreationally or as a substitute for analog combustible cigarettes. According to this ASH fact sheet, there are now approximately 2.8 million vapers in the UK.

Vaping is the use of vaping devices (electronic cigarettes) that deliver fine aerosol to user’s lungs – vapour that carries flavour and/or nicotine.

An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device that heats up e-liquid and allows vapers to inhale it. E-cigarettes are a safer alternative to combustible analog cigarettes as they do not contain any of the harmful substances found in tobacco apart from (optionally) nicotine.

A recent UK study found that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. E-liquids that contain nicotine are still deemed addictive, however, so we can’t really argue that vaping is 100% safe. On the other hand, vaping nicotine-free vape juices seems to be as dangerous as eating or breathing the air around us, at least according to current research done in the field.

Absolutely yes! The internet is full of inspiring stories from people who have used vaping to completely substitute for smoking. When vaping e-liquids that contain nicotine, your body is getting its dose of the addictive substance without being exposed to tobacco toxins found in regular cigarettes. Eventually, you will be able to dial back the nicotine levels to a safer dose and maybe even switch completely to nicotine-free e-liquids.

Yes and no. You can control how similar the experience is through your choice of devices and e-liquids. Cigalikes and vape pens resemble regular cigarettes and vaping e-juices with higher concentrations of nicotine will provide you with the same, harsh throat hit as regular cigarettes.

Most UK health organization agree that vaping is a lot healthier than smoking. Cancer Research UK recommends it as a safe smoking cessation method. There is still no national consensus about vaping and GP’s are left to decide whether or not they will recommend vaping to their patients who are trying to quit smoking. If your GP is skeptical and advises against vaping, there is plenty of information online that you can find about how vaping has positively influenced the lives of smokers and helped them to become ex-smokers.

Vaping is helping people quit a very dirty and dangerous habit. However, there are two major industries that are not very happy about that: the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Both industries are losing money as more and more people switch to vaping. Currently, governments around the world are pressured into passing vape-restrictive laws in order to appease those two industries.

The United States of America have recently equated vaping with smoking, imposing huge barriers for the industry and potentially killing a nascent industry that has the potential of helping millions of smokers.

Most of the research in that area is inconclusive and the conclusions are forced, to say the least. What is usually omitted from those reports is the fact that the levels of dangerous chemicals found are no greater than in the surrounding air.

Just because there is a chemical detected does not mean that a product is hazardous. Every day we harmlessly consume and breathe in chemicals that would be toxic at much higher levels.

Vaping gives you the same sense of ritual as smoking, but without 95% of toxins found in tobacco products. There are more delicious flavours to enjoy and we firmly believe that vaping now is more satisfying than smoking ever was.

In the UK, you are able to vape pretty much everywhere, as vape products are not classified as smoking/tobacco products. However, private businesses reserve the right to ban vaping. In this instance, use common sense. Don’t vape in places where there are children present and where other people might object to it. There are some reports that Wales is planning to include e-cigarettes in the existing smoking ban, which means that vaping in Wales might become somewhat more challenging than in the rest of the UK.

In other parts of the world, vaping is slowly getting regulated as well. In the US is equated with smoking so it’s not permitted in closed public spaces, work areas, or areas close to schools and kindergartens.

What we recommend here at Vapelux are baby steps. There is no need to go all-out and spend too much money at the beginning. Get one of the starter kits at Vapelux at a great price and decide whether or not vaping is for you.

Vaping can be up to 40% cheaper than smoking – you will be cutting your costs almost in half while staying healthier than you ever were while smoking.

Beginner vaping kits can be found from anywhere between £20-£30. Intermediate vape gear costs up to £60 and you can expect to spend even more for elaborate setups. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that vape gear is not perishable – while devices do break occasionally, you can safely assume that most of your tech investments will last a good year before there’s a need to replace them.

E-liquids are liquids used and vapourised by electronic cigarettes. They are inhaled in the form of vapour.

E-liquids are made by mixing and steeping three main components – Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerine, various flavours, and nicotine – if applicable. There are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine at all.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a synthetic liquid substance derived from petroleum. It is a main ingredient in most e-liquids and is used as a base for flavourings and nicotine. It’s generally recognized as safe although some vapers avoid it because if its synthetic origins.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a natural chemical, derived from vegetable oil, which makes it safe for vegetarians. It is used in e-liquid to give a thicker sensation to vapour. It’s regarded as one of the safest substances known to man but because of its viscosity it clogs up the coils faster.

This will depend heavily on your flavour preferences. Some vapers enjoy fruity and sweet vapes, while others are partial to menthol or tobacco flavours. When it comes to e-liquid base liquids (PG and VG) it is important to note that some people might experience an allergic reaction to e-liquids containing Propylene Glycol – this does not mean that Vegetable Glycerin is a better base, only that you should avoid PG if allergic.

All Vapelux products are vetted and selected because of their outstanding quality. They are made from high-quality materials, safe for use, and free of toxins and contaminants.

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