E-cigarettes: the best way to stop smoking?

If you were to conduct a survey among smokers you would find that a vast majority of them have tried to quit smoking at least once. Every year between 20 and 30 percent of the smokers try to get away from the cigarette. Every smoker knows how harmful smoking is, and yet most of them find it very hard to break the habit. In order to give up smoking, or just to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, it takes strong willpower and determination. Even if the electronic cigarette is not intended to help you quit smoking, it has already helped many smokers to give up smoking for good. Enthusiastic users report that the e-cigarette can be much more helpful than other means of cessation.

A study by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Search Research (ZIS) in Hamburg found that ninety percent of participants managed to complete the transition from tobacco to e-cigarette within four weeks. In comparison: around half of the respondents (46%) who had previously attempted to quit smoking with the help of other nicotine replacements were unsuccessful. Another Italian study published in the Tobacco Control magazine has shown similar results. 61.1 percent of the participants who used only the e-cigarette, managed to stop smoking completely without relapse.

E-cigarettes vs. physical addiction

According to studies, 80% of smokers who want to quit smoking forever relapses sooner or later and resort to tobacco again. The reason is that smoking causes both physical and psychological addiction. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and as a result, when you try to give up smoking your body will crave for nicotine and show signs of withdrawal. Nicotine patches and chewing gums can help with this physical dependence, and so do e-cigarettes. However, psychological addiction is not the main issue when quitting smoking, the psychological addiction is what prevents users from stopping. This is why we believe vaping to be the superior method of cessation.

E-cigarettes vs. psychological addiction

Over the years, smokers have become accustomed to smoking during certain activities. For example: after eating, from boredom, or even when they are excited or stressed in order to calm down or reward themselves. This makes it subconsciously clear to the brain that you simply need a cigarette in different situations. That is how addiction is formed, and old habits die hard. In these cases, the e-cigarette helps to get away from tobacco combustible products; even better than nicotine-containing patches and tablets. The reason for this is that the e-cigarette closely resembles and mimics the actions preformed while smoking cigarettes. When you vape, not only do you provide your body with the craved nicotine, but the e-cigarettes imitate the action of smoking. In addition, vapers can determine the amount of nicotine themselves. You can even enjoy the e-cigarette without nicotine at all.

Other health-related issues

We all know the negative effects of smoking. Every smoker is also aware of this. The health aspect is probably the biggest reason to quit smoking. The burning of tobacco produces countless toxic, carcinogenic, and sometimes even radioactive substances. The burning of nicotine in combination with different additives is very dangerous to our bodies. In this case, the nicotine is really the smallest damage. Among the most dreaded diseases caused by smoking are lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. For this reason, the smoke from tobacco combustible products is one of the most dangerous stimulants one can take. This is where the e-cigarette comes in. The fact that when using the e-cigarette, the liquid is evaporated and not burned, it means that most of these pathogenic substances are not generated when vaping.

It is no secret that nonsmokers are fitter than smokers as they have lower lung damage. However, e-cigarette users can get fit faster. Many vapers have reported a significant increase in their lung capacity since they stopped smoking tobacco products with the use of e-cigarettes. Besides, yellowed fingers and teeth, as well as bad breath, are very typical for smokers, but you can omit these problems when you switch to e-cigarettes.

Easier transition

When one switches from tobacco combustible products to e-cigarettes, the transition is made easier and smoother by the similarity in feel and use. The fact that you use a vaping device that produces vapour instead of smoke, it can make this change easier and successful.

Over time, vapers can reduce the amount of nicotine step by step until they reach the lowest possible level, and in the best-case scenario, no nicotine at all.

However, switching from tobacco to an e-cigarette is similar to withdrawal. But with the right nicotine concentration in the liquid, the symptoms you experience when you go cold turkey – such as insomnia, tiredness, loss of appetite, rapid heartbeat, aggressiveness, nausea, mood swings or difficulty concentrating – can be significantly reduced.

To sum it up, the e-cigarette can be an effective aid in quitting smoking. Those who want to completely change from analogue cigarettes to the e-cigarette should consider their choice of device and the type of juices liquids that would suit them best. Now it is possible to effectively replicate the taste and feel of a tobacco cigarette. In addition, an e-cigarette offers the opportunity to configure its performance to suit the users preferences and needs, making it the ultimate tool to help smokers get off the cigs!