Clone vape mods

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Cheap copies of popular products are not a new thing. We all have seen imitations of famous brands from purses and bags to clothes and Smart phones. Although vaping is a relatively new industry, it has not managed to save itself from the counterfeits. You can find in some vape shops or on certain websites vape mods that are too cheap. So you might wonder what is wrong with that. They have the same features and functions why you should pay more. There are two sides of this, some people say clone vape mods are stealing someone else’s work and reputation and others would say that those products are priced too high and they seem not to afford them, therefore, they decide to buy a clone.

What are clone vape mods?

As the name implies, clone vape mods are identical copies of certain brand mods and they might look almost like the authentic ones. Sometimes it might be a bit difficult to say the differences between them based on the packaging alone. Furthermore, just like any other counterfeiter, they are a lot cheaper than the real vape mods. Many people will say there are some slight differences but overall is the same thing. Well, clone vape mods are definitely less expensive and might look very similar to the brand ones but you should stay away from them and choose the authentic vape mods for many reasons. 

Cheaper price – low quality

The only thing that all the manufactures of clone vape mods care about is the matching appearance of their products but they do not seem to care much about anything else such as, quality and safety. We have mentioned above how clone vape mods are cheap because the materials used to build them are of low quality. Cheap materials mean lower quality and hence a faulty device. In the short term you seem to be saving money, as you do not pay for your vaping mod as much as for the real thing, however, it’s a defective product and will, therefore, break down quickly. Therefore, in the long run, you will be spending more money because the clone vape mod is going to break down faster and you will have to change them very often.

Whereas, companies producing the authentic vape mods have invested a lot in their product development in order to offer high-quality products to their customers. Therefore, their products are made from premium quality products that will last a long time.

Safety standards

When you are buying an authentic vape mod, you are getting a carefully engineered device that functions just as it is intended to. They have invested in their products safety in order not to harm the vaper. They design and produce them in a way to prevent any kind of breakdown which would risk your safety. Their products have to comply with their safety and quality standards.

However, clone vape mods producers are more concerned about the appearance rather than the quality and safety of the device. They are faking somebody else’s product, therefore, they fear no accountability on their products and we know very little whether they meet safety and quality standards or not. We all have read on the news or heard from our friends and relatives about vape explosions; hence it is for your own best interest to be really careful about what type of vape mod are you buying.

Spoiling your vaping experience

Clone vape mods will also negatively affect your vaping experience. Since they are made of cheaper materials and most likely they might be using low-quality batteries, they are prone to different kinds of malfunctioning such as leaks or funny flavours. You will be able to notice a difference when vaping and it might spoil your vaping journey.

Destroying competition and innovation

The other reason why you should not buy clone vape mods is that they also negatively affect the vaping shops and authentic producers. Vape wholesale enterprises selling authentic vaping mods will have it more difficult to carry on with their business because the clone vape mods will take over their customers. Besides, companies manufacturing counterfeits compete unfairly with the big brands and might take them out of the market due to their cheaper costs and lower quality. Not only they wipe out competition but they also destroy innovation in the vaping industry.

Avoiding clone vape mods

There are many problems caused by clone vape mods but staying away from them is possible. In case you do not know how to avoid them, do not worry about it because we have you covered. While the cheap price of the clone vape mods might be very appealing but do not forget that you are getting what you are paying for. If something is too good to be true then be suspicious, it most likely is. 

You should be very careful where are you buying your vaping mods from. Doing some research on the sellers you are thinking of purchasing from it is very helpful. It is better to buy them from trustworthy sellers and shops that have partnerships with reputable brands.

Finally, you can stay away from the whole confusion by buying your vape mods from Vapelux wholesale. That way it is easier for you to find authentic vape mods that are certified and comply with the regulations. It is the only way you can enjoy your vaping journey without worrying about anything else.