Buying your first box mod? Guide for beginners

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Buying your first box mod can be a very confusing experience. Depending on where you go or who you ask, people are going to tell you a lot of different things because it is all relative and subjective. Before guiding you through your first box mod let’s see the different types of mods that are out there. If you remember, in the very beginning there were not many options you could choose from because the only vaping devices were these simple vaping e-cigarettes. They were coming together with the battery, atomizer and a tank, all build in one cylindrical shaped unit. These e-cigarette devices were small and low powered and they were missing a lot of features which you can find in box mods.  

These small devices are not able to deliver a great vaping experience because they offer limited vapour production in comparison to other bigger devices as well as limited battery life. Heavy users have to carry multiple batteries and maybe even multiple pods to get through the day.  However, with the constant developments in the vaping industry, things have changed and new mods have entered the market, such as the box mod.

As the name implies, a box mod is a vaping device in a rectangular shape, resembling a box. They are built with a larger battery box and several different features such as changing the settings of the vaporizer. Box mods are the most advanced type of vaporizer. They can give you the freedom to adjust the vaping experience to the way you fancy it. Different box mods come with different power ranges and they all have different features and settings. Therefore, box mods are a great choice if you want to maximize your vaping experience, as they give you the freedom to fine-tune them according to your desires.

Box mod features

As it was stated before, box mods come with a larger battery. Depending on their internal space you can get box mods with one or two batteries. There are also larger box mods that can accommodate up to four batteries. Everything you need is one box except for the juice or the battery.  You would have to buy a battery and some e-liquid, but other than that, it comes with everything that you will need. However, there are also box mods which come with build in batteries, hence you would not need to worry about buying batteries.  No matter what type of box mod you are choosing from, they all have longer battery life than other mods. You are going to be vaping for a day or two without ever worrying about charging the batteries.

Besides, more batteries enable the vaping device to have a higher wattage capacity and deliver a better performance. The box mods can reach a power up to 300 watt which means that they can give you a more dense, rich and thick kind of cloud. You can blow the clouds that fill in the room, in the same way as the young people do, but you can also truly experience the flavour. You can really feel what it is like to be a vaper. Box mods are perfect not just for young person who like to blow heavy clouds, but also for regular vape fans that prefer a better control of how much vapour is produced on every pump.

The new box mods feature digital screens for changing the settings of the vaporizer. They provide flexibility and better control. There are also box mods that do not always come with a led screen; however, you are still able to fine-tune their power and temperature according to your wish.  

There are two distinctive types of box mods, regulated and unregulated ones. The regulated box mods feature circuit boards which not only allow you to adjust the temperature but they are also safer. In case something goes wrong or in case of any malfunction of the device, it will not harm you in any way. These kinds of box mods do not require any monitoring by the users. Therefore, it is a great choice for somebody who is just trying to get into vaping or for someone who wants to step up his vaping experience.  

However, there are also people who like to assemble their own vaping devices and have more control over them, that’s why they go for unregulated box mods. These types of devices are a lot simpler because their main elements are the batteries and the atomizer. Since these types of box mods are not regulated, they are more dangerous as anything might happen in case of malfunctioning.


When it comes to choosing what type of box mod you want to buy it really depends on what are you looking for in your vaping journey. Vape box mods come in many colors and all different sorts of features and materials.  Now that we have covered their features and functions, you know what they are and how do they work. If you are trying to get into vaping, then an all-in-one box mod with build in tank and battery might be the one for you. However, if you want a powerful portable device then you can look for box mods with higher wattage. In case you are still confused and cannot figure out what to buy, Vapelux wholesale has a wide range of box mods for you.