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Introduction to disposable e-cig


What is a disposable e-cig?

Disposable e-cigs are electric cigarettes that need no recharging and are thrown away when they have been used up. Typically, each disposable e-cig is equivalent to 1-2 packets of tobacco cigarettes.

The disposable e-cig is a great way to experience vaping before you invest in a rechargeable e-cig kit. They provide a simple and convenient way to vape and can be bought at a number of retailers, coming in a range of styles and colours. You need no other accessories: just take from the pack and vape.

Why choose the nicotine-free Eshish 300 and Eshish 500 range?

All Eshish disposable e-cigs have an eye catching crystal glowing tip and come in a variety of stylish shades depending on their flavour. We design, produce and test all of our own disposables so you can be sure that you’re buying top quality, state of the art products.

Unlike many other disposable brands, Eshish disposables provide you with a number of options:

Flavour Choose from our wide range of fruit, mint and chocolate flavours for all the taste of shisha molasses without the nicotine, tar or toxins. Can’t decide? Not a problem: Eshish 300 and Eshish 500 both offer options with multiple flavours per packet.

Packs Eshish disposable e-cigs can be bought individually or in packs so you can try separate flavours first before buying a whole packet.

Puffs per stick The Eshish 300 range contains approximately 300 puffs per stick while the Eshish 500 range lasts for up to 500.

What other brands does Vapelux sell and which one should I choose?

We’ve selected our favourite brands of disposable e-cigs in different styles, flavours and nicotine strengths so you can pick what’s right for you:

REGCIG Perfect for smokers who want to replicate the taste and feel of real tobacco cigarettes. The REGCIG disposable not only looks like the real thing with its lifelike ash tip, soft filter and thick, natural looking vapour, but tastes like it too in tobacco and menthol flavours.

Luli is slimeline, lightweight and sophisticated. Especially popular with the ladies, Luli disposable e-cigs come in a stylish soft box containing three e-cigarettes. Choose from gorgeous French vanilla, bubblegum and cappuccino flavours.

 FC Line FC Line disposables are great for users who want to buy individual e-cigs containing nicotine. With approximately 500 puffs per stick, they come in four smooth flavours: tobacco, menthol, vanilla and chocolate.