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Vapelux was established in 2012 by the Taylor family. 4 brothers and a father whom all smoked traditional cigarettes for many years until they came across and saw a fantastic opportunity with the ecigarette.

The Taylors launched Vapelux with the more simple disposable ecig. They were overwhelmed by the quality of the product and envisioned that the e-cigarette would one day save many lives and take over the traditional cigarette.

Vapelux formed key relationships with Ecig manufacturers and suppliers Worldwide and have served over 1 million users since the Companies incorporation. Since the launch of the disposable ecig Vapelux have evolved with the progression of the industry and now offer the very best Vaping Eliquid and Hardware the market has to offer.

Vapelux's expertise in the industry has been paramount for Vapelux to offer our customer base high performance Vaping devices enabling the consumer the best possible chance to convert from traditional cigarettes to Vaping

Vapelux manufacture, distribute, wholesale and retail a large variety of vape only related products. We strive on innovation but most importantly customer satisfaction.